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Itís a good idea to complete the survey when you are relaxed and have time to complete in one sitting.
Donít over analyse your response; your first reaction is always the best.

Completing the survey

You will be presented with 6 groups of questions. Each group consists of 4 statements that you should rank in LEAST to MOST order that best describe you. Start by selecting the most like you, then the least and finally the last two in order.  It's easy and it takes about 5 minutes.

There can be only ONE answer in each ROW and COLUMN.

If you select the same column more than once, question marks will appear. Correct your answer and click NEXT again.

Don't over analyse your response; your first reaction is the best response. It's important to answer as you, not what you want others to think you are.

Here's what the questions will look like...

Your report

MyCareerMatch will email you with links to download your PDF file reports and resume information.

Good luck!  Letís get started now.

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